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Savings Calculator for
Husky Essential Parts Packages

Find out what you could save in lost production and profit by stocking up on essential Husky replacement parts.

Reduce your carbon emissions and PET costs

Stocking replacement parts for your Husky systems is an easy way to minimize losses due to unplanned downtime. Husky Essential Parts Packages help optimize your stock of spare parts and maintain a supply of the most essential replacement parts.

Try our calculator for an instant estimate1 of how much you could save in lost production and profit with an Essential Parts Package.  Just tell us how many of each system you have in your plant, along with the average cavitation and cycle time of each. (We will provide industry averages where applicable.)

Tell us about your plant
System Quantity
Average Cavitation
Average Cycle Time
G-Line PET
HyPET, HyPET 4.0, HyPET5e
Hylectric, HyperSync, G-Line Packaging
Average VCM for Hylectric, HyperSync & G-Line Packaging   ►  

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VCM stands for "variable contribution margin". In this field, enter the average profit margin in dollars per 1000 parts produced by your Hylectric & HyperSync systems. (e.g. "1.45")

About the calculations

1 Savings calculations are based on the following assumptions:

Expected savings are based on average number of down days waiting for part deliveries to the specific country location provided.
Essential Parts Package pricing and savings are based on stocking a package of the most commonly replaced parts in the systems in your specific plant. We have various packages available to suit your needs.
G-Line average VCM: 4.00
HyPET, HyPET 4.0, HyPET5e average VCM: 4.00
HyPET HPP4.0, HyPET HPP5e average VCM: 4.00
HyCAP average VCM: 1.10
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