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Multi-Layer systems

Introducing: Multi-Layer PET System – Supporting Growth Through Innovative Packaging

To develop the next generation multi-layer solution, we started with our market leading HPP5e PET platform and have supported customers running multi-layer all across the globe.

Our Multi-Layer System is perfect for:

carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated Soft Drinks





food packaging

Food Packaging


Industrial Pails

Multi-Layer packages are 2 materials injected into three layers – an outer layer, mid-layer and inner layer. These can be white inner and outer layers, perfect for dairy or clear for oxygen or carbonation protection, or highly aesthetic additives, or even recycled material. Multi-layer is a very flexible platform to create a wide variety of engineered packages.

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HPP5e is the industry’s best PET platform.

It Provides:

Fastest cycle times in the industry

Highest productivity systems in the industry

Superior, repeatable preform quality

Running the most aggressive applications

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