Genuine OEM parts from Husky

Genuine OEM parts from Husky

The right parts at the right time, every time.

Genuine Husky OEM parts and repair services are the best way to optimize your investments in Husky systems and minimize your total cost of ownership. Husky makes it easy to get the right part at the right time with 24/7 ordering through our OEM Parts Portal.


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Why choose genuine Husky OEM parts?

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Highest Performance

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Genuine Fit

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Faster Delivery

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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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Our OEM parts solutions

Essential Parts Kits

Husky Essential Parts Packages help optimize your stock of spare parts and maintain a supply of the most essential replacement parts. Discover what you could save!

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Essential Parts Kits

Machine Preventative Maintenance Kits

Machine PM kits include everything you need to perform recommended preventative maintenance on your Husky system.

Machine Consumables and Grease Kit

Hydraulic Hose Kit

Hose Kit Maintenance Guidelines

Preventive Maintenance Posters

Hot Runner Preventative Maintenance Kits

Hot runner PM kits include everything you need to perform recommended preventative maintenance on Husky hot runners.

PET Hot Runner PM Kit

PET Hot Runner Maintenance Guidelines

Parts Repair Services

Husky repair services ensure your parts meet exacting specifications to guarantee optimal performance of your system.

OEM Parts Repair Services


Buy OEM Parts Online

It has never been easier to order genuine Husky OEM parts. Our OEM Parts Portal is packed with helpful information and offers a wide selection of parts for your needs. Watch the video to learn more and explore the portal.



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