Improve and sustain system performance

Improve and sustain system performance

Proactive maintenance and monitoring programs from Husky

Husky offers several subscription-based programs to help you improve and sustain the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your systems over time.

Why proactive maintenance and monitoring?

Improve system profitability

Save money on parts and service

Predict your maintenance expenses

Improve and sustain OEE

Reduce unplanned downtime

Benefit from Husky expertise

“Husky's Pro-Act™ program ensured a focus on the equipment that was not there before. We have currently 18 machines under Pro-Act™ program resulting in sustained productivity improvements and reduced downtime. This was possible through a good interaction between our team and the project coordination and the Husky engineers on site; thanks to regular implementation of proactive activities suggested by Husky Service Engineers we are able to capture most downtime scenarios before they occur and have a better control over cost of maintenance and energy. We can demonstrate OEE improvements to our customers ensuring consistent quality and efficiency via Shotscope NX. Husky is a strategic partner for us in the long term, offering solutions aligned to our production requirements. Recently we entered into a long term contract for the Pro-Act™ program to ensure the maintenance is completed even more cost effectively with the benefits the contract brings us”

Testimonial from Major PET converter in EMEA who engaged in Pro-Act™ program since 2013

Husky’s maintenance programs at a glance

Equipment Management

  • Pro-Act™ offers equipment maintenance designed to sustain asset uptime and performance. All work is performed on a scheduled basis by certified Husky Service Technicians.

Productivity Management

  • Add an OEM parts warranty extension to your plan. Get regular maintenance plus scheduled parts replacement that sustains equipment productivity over time - for a fixed price.

Proactive System Monitoring

  • Add industry-leading proactive, predictive and transparent system monitoring to your maintenance plan. If performance is compromised, we contact you through “WE Call You” proactively and begin to resolve the issue.
Pro-Act™ Equipment Management Pro-Act™ Productivity Management Pro-Act™ Productivity Management + Advantage+Elite™
1-2 scheduled visits per year
Calibration and tuning
Functional checks
Geometry correction to prevent premature mold wear
Husky mold and mold dehumidifier assessment
Discounted pre-purchased service hours
Extended parts warranty
Preventative maintenance consumables package
Oil analysis
Schedule-based refurbishment Parts Package
Proactive, predictive and transparent system monitoring at Husky monitoring centers
Proactive system alerts and problem resolution

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