Commitment Maintained with


Commitment Maintained with


Real time monitoring of your asset efficiency and proactively engaging with your team to secure and maintain the lowest total cost of production is what Advantage+Elite™ We Call You is all about.

Through deep Husky system knowledge we have established proprietary analytic models that provide insights enabling us to:

  • Predict system performance deterioration
  • Proactively identify system problems

To provide a high level of transparency, our Monitoring Centre applies our We Call You service to contact you and work to bring those leading system variables back into specification, preferably before you experience a loss of equipment performance. Our real time monitoring capability continues to verify the solution.

Delivering a proactive approach to service

Our customers operate in a highly competitive market which often demands 24/7 operation of their Husky equipment. Traditional approaches to service can present challenges when trying to do that consistently on a global installed base, especially within hard to access geographic regions. Traditional approaches to service can result in: delays in detecting the problem, a lack of transparency and elevated time and costs to resolve the problem.

Why Advantage+Elite™?

Utilizing the power of remotely connected equipment (remote connectivity), combined with data algorithms designed to monitor leading system variables, that if left undetected will result in a loss of equipment performance.


We notice the problem first


Husky Genius able to predict system performance deterioration


Informing customers through
We Call You (We Call You before a problem occurs)

To ensure customer equipment continuously performs at peak levels of productivity, reliability and sustainability, all PET and Closure systems are automatically protected with Advantage+Elite™. This further allows us to maintain our commitment to your investments from part concept through to completion, and beyond.

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